Pat Gros Photography | About

I am a natural light on location portrait and lifestyle photographer
located in Sulphur, Louisiana. Sulphur is a small
town located in Southwest Louisiana.  And yes.... everything you have heard
is true.  Mosquitoes,  humidity  and  hurricanes.  But it is home and I love it.
It is in this small town that I met my “Prince Charming” and have been 
happily married for 40 years.  I now get to travel the country with him
and share my experiences and photography with you.
I am a puppy parent to a beautiful cocker spaniel that I love dearly. His
name is Nicholas and he is loyal, faithful and kind. 
I have to say that I do love technology, but there is nothing like holding a
print. You have to appreciate the wonder of having an heirloom to treasure
and hand down to the generations that follow us. Photos that grace our homes
and walls.
There is nothing like a family gathering with everyone flipping through an old album or digging
in a drawer or box filled with old photos. Holding a loved one in your
hands as well as in your heart and memory. Long after the memory fades, 
these images will be there to remind us of what we have had. Without photos
how would you remember that horrible haircut you had when you were 8, or 
that beautiful blue bike with the streamers on the handlebars.
You can tell what a person loves by what they photograph the most.
I love - "love".  It means different things to different people. There is
nothing like a photo to tell the story of a moment. Precious moments are
gone in the blink of an eye,  but the click of a shutter can preserve the 
moment for a lifetime. I find so much joy in capturing so many sincere
In the south we say there are no strangers, only friends we haven’t
met yet. Give me the honor and pleasure of creating a visual legacy for you
and your loved ones. Capturing your lives and turning them into 
extraordinary memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Something to 
hold in your hearts and honor forever.